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The DIY #HomeHacks area is open to individuals and organizations who are dedicated to small-scale, do it yourself skills that revolve around a sustainable home life. The area focuses on providing education, hands-on projects, and ongoing demonstrations, that will engage, inspire and bolster the confidence and enthusiasm of fairgoers to make the transition or to continue to build a more sustainable home life in both urban and rural settings. The area will also focus on attainable solutions that can have equitable access across all communities.

Applications are due Friday, May 5th, 2023.

Application Process

STEP ONE - Read Guidelines and Application Instructions.

Before completing your application, read and familiarize yourself with the Fair and DIY #HomeHacks Area Guidelines. There are updates to the General Fair Guidelines for 2023, so be sure to read these and refresh
yourself on the DIY #HomeHacks guidelines. Please note: in order to vend at the Fair all vendors must submit a Certificate of Insurance meeting the requirements specified in the 2023 General Fair Guidelines to the Fair office by June 1st.

2023 CGCF and DIY HomeHacks Guidelines are available here.

Certificate of Insurance requirements and sample certificate.

STEP TWO - Complete the DIY #HomeHacks Exhibitor/Demonstrator Application below.

STEP THREE - Submit Application with $10.00 Application Fee
You may submit payment online with your application or mail a check. Applications will not be considered until payment is received.

Applications (including application fee) are due on Friday, May 5th. 
Completed applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis, space permitting.


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Exhibitors are required to have 2 demonstrations per day all three days of the Fair. They can give classes and sell DIY kits, as well as sell educational resources complementary to the educational focus of the exhibit. Exhibitors are eligible for a $250 material stipend OR can opt to forgo the stipend for a CGCF volunteer t-shirt and meals in the Common Kitchen during the Fair.

Demonstrators are required to give one talk or demonstration during one day of the Fair. They are eligible for a $50 stipend for each scheduled demonstration. Sales are not allowed.
Do you plan to attend the Fair all 3 days as an Exhibitor, or one day as a demonstrator? *
What services, initiatives and/or information will you be highlighting at your exhibit?
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What small-scale DIY skills or projects will you be highlighting during your demonstration?
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Friday, all dayFriday, in the morning Friday, in the afternoon Saturday, all daySaturday, in the morningSaturday, in the afternoonSunday, all daySunday, in the morningSunday, in the afternoon
Complementary to the educational focus of a booth, exhibitors may sell educational materials and resources (books, reports, DVDs, media) at their booth that are pertinent to the DIY skills of the exhibitor. Small, portable educational kits or construction plans for sale will be considered on a case by case basis. Only items with prior DIY #HomeHacks Coordinator approval will be permitted. If you would like to offer any items for sale, list the items and prices here:
Items for Sale


Exhibitors will receive one 8' x 3' table and 2 chairs. Please indicate below if you would like to request more tables or chairs at your exhibit:
Additional booth needs
Do you have any specific layout or location requests?
The CGCF defines a DIY #HomeHacks exhibitor as someone who gives two scheduled demonstrations for the public a day. Exhibitors will also have an active/interactive display of their skills, creating while explaining how the DIY project is made and answering questions from fairgoers during operating hours. Exhibitors are eligible for a $250 materials stipend OR a CGCF volunteer t-shirt and meals in the Common Kitchen during the Fair. Upon acceptance, would you prefer to receive the materials stipend or the volunteer benefits?
Exhibitor Compensation *
Individuals giving only one scheduled specialty talk or demonstration in the area are eligible for a $50.00 stipend for each scheduled presentation. In lieu of a stipend, individuals may present as a volunteer, in which case they will be eligible for volunteer benefits: an organic cotton CGCF t-shirt and a meal in the Common Kitchen (Limit of one shirt per presenter). Upon acceptance, would you prefer to receive the stipend or the volunteer benefits?
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Requires review and approval by Fair Office.
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Almost Done!

Application Checklist:

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I have read and understand the 2023 Fair and DIY #HomeHacks Guidelines.
Application Fee


To complete your DIY #HomeHacks Area Booth Application, press the SUBMIT button below. You will be directed to a payment page where you can choose to pay via electronic payment now, or you can choose to mail a check by clicking pay by invoice. Do NOT print and mail this application.

You will receive a confirmation of your application via email.