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14/Apr/2023 10:15
20/Sep/2023 09:45

5K Foot Race

Sunday, September 24, 2023

7:30 am Start Time

Race Entry Information

5k Entry Fee: $30

Entrance fee includes Fair Admission and the first 60 entrants receive an organic cotton 2023 Common Ground Country Fair t-shirt, size not guaranteed. Later entries may receive a Fair t-shirt from a previous year, or a volunteer shirt from the current year.

The course is a loop down Crosby Brook Rd, to the Heritage Orchard, returning through the Fair Grounds, and up the Pine Gate trail, with the start and finish located at the south end of Crosby Brook Rd. near the intersection with Rt. 220. The terrain is varied. 

Race Directors: Jacki Perkins & Don Pendleton

jperkins@mofga.org, (802) 595-9866

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The CGCF 5k foot race competition will no longer have gendered award categories. We are striving to allow everyone to compete as they are in a safe space.

We do not allow derogatory or discriminatory actions or comments. Any such behavior will result in immediate removal from participation in the CGCF 5k foot race.

Awards are given in the following classes:

1st and 2nd Overall 

1st and 2nd Overall MOFGA Members

1st and 2nd place for age groups: 

10 & under
71 & up
Are you a MOFGA member?
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I realize road racing is potentially hazardous and hereby waive and release MOFGA, the race officials, and all volunteers from any and all claims and liabilities arising from my voluntary participation.

Minors will need consent of their parent or guardian to race.
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